The Marine Room- 24 Hrs Coffee Shop at The Piccadily Lucknow

Our exquisite 24 hour coffee shop at The Piccadily Lucknow, has a seaside theme which provides an aesthetic ambience. Relax and Unwind, engage in casual meets or host official conversation, The Marine Room is an exclusive Lucknow cafe which is tailored for all occasions. A juxtaposition of tantalizing colors and the subtle interior decor will leave you spellbound while you take a sip of your favourite beverage at The Marine Room, open 24 hours.

Our menu comprises of a variety of beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, and tea. There are a plethora of delicacies to go with it as well. So head over to our coffee shop near Lucknow Airport and spend your casual moments relishing from an assortment of beverages and munching on succulent snacks any time of the day at our cafe in Lucknow. The Marine Room- open 24 hours a day.

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